Are the plastic bottles safe?

Which kinds of plastic are ok for drinking bottles? Nowadays, it is common to see the usages of plastic water bottles for drinking. Have you ever thought on which kind of plastic are ok for drinking bottles? In that case, you must know that before introducing them in the market, the plastic bottles are thoroughly examined by the U.S FDA to assure safety. In the United States, most of the plastic bottles are made of polyethylene terephthalate, as they are very light in weight, and no chance of breakage. This material in short is called as PET or the PET bottles, and they you are able to find the usages starting from drinking water to beer.

There often comes a question whether the plastic bottles are safe for re-usages. In that case, when you are willing to know which kinds of plastic are ok for drinking bottles, you must know that, if the bottles are properly cleaned between the usages, then they can be used. People do believe that plastic bottles always carry germs, but for them it is necessary to know that bacteria can grow up in any container if they get in touch with the items. According to what the experts say, the bottles need to be cleaned with warm water along with soap, and should be properly dried as well. You are able to get bottles that are made for re-usages, and such bottles come with a wide mouth that can be washed easily.

While you are seeking for the answer as to which kind of plastic are ok for drinking bottles, then you can rely on the reports of FDA because without their approval, not a single bottle will be introduced in the market. The plastics ran through a thorough examination, and FDA checks whether any kind of germ or substances are leeched from the plastic. However, it does not happen that there are no migrations, but the count is too low to harm human beings. When you are willing to know which kind of plastic are ok for drinking bottles then again there will be a question related to the re-usages of plastic bottles.

As most of the plastics are made of PET in the U.S., after the approval from the FDA it has been found that they are suitable for storing food products. As per examination, the bottles are safe for re-using. Throughout a project done by the students, unhealthy compounds were found in sample while testing. However, you need not be scared as there is nothing above the FDA’s experiments, and once they have assured, safety is guaranteed for the PET bottles. The students found the presence of DEHA, a carrier of cancer disease in plastic bottles, but FDA has proved it wrong.

Until date, it has not been scientifically proved that DEHA itself is the cause of cancer. Apart from this, you must know that there is no presence of DEHA observed as a raw material in PET bottles. It has been announced by the World Health Organization that DEHA is too weak to affect human beings while drinking water in plastic bottles. There is also no scientific reason for not keeping the PET bottles in freezing temperature. Therefore, PET or polyethylene terephthalate bottles are the answer for people seeking for which kind of plastic are ok for drinking bottles.