Dish Liquid Bottle Plastic

Like all plastic bottles, dishwashing liquid bottles contain harmful plastic. It has been clinically proven that plastic bottles give out a potentially harmful chemical Bisphenol –A .This substance causes many diseases. Bisphenol –A is an estrogen that is man made and leads to grave disorders in different body systems. There is the risk of cancer and the early onset of puberty. There is the risk of stunted growth or developmental problems. The dish liquid bottle plastic contains a harmful chemical that is dangerous for us. There are people spending a lot of money on dish liquid bottle plastic.

Bisphenol –A mimics the female hormone estrogen. The dish liquid bottle in plastic contains these harmful chemicals in large quantities. The substance is emitted when the bottles are cleaned with hot water. The plastic emits more of these substances under the influence of hot water. The dish liquid bottle in plastic has the greatest effect on reproduction and development. As mentioned earlier, there are far reaching effects on development and reproduction. These effects lead to many health problems. There have been experiments on laboratory animals and the results have been not very rosy. In fact, the results have been quite worrying. However, the effects on humans have not been proven yet. Nevertheless, the effects can be dangerous. The chemicals can cause the two most common forms of cancer, which are breast cancer and prostate cancer.

There are also heavy metals like lead and cadmium that cause many serious problems. They also contain phthalates that cause cancer and the early reaching of puberty. Very often, it is found that the plastic tends to seep into fatty foods. Other harmful chemicals seep into plastic. This is polyethylene terepthalate. These substances can reach into water what is stored in plastic. In an average amount of dish liquid bottle plastic, the contamination doubles after six months. This has been proven in laboratory experiments. The amount of chemicals is increasing over time because the dish liquid bottle plastic is leaching chemicals. There is the incidence of a chemical called antimony that in large doses can cause dizziness, nausea and even death.

There have been organizations claiming that there is absolutely no threat to human health from dish liquid bottle plastic. There have been experts saying not to clean the bottles in a dishwasher .This has the same effect as those containing dish wash liquid. The heat can cause the chemical to leach out and this could have dangerous consequences. The dish liquid bottle plastic may be more prone to leaching. Environmentalists and scientists warn against these uses. The alternative to the bottles made of plastic could be glass bottles and stainless steel bottles that do not leach out any such chemicals. There are many uses of plastic and this is one of the many uses it is put to. Plastic has been around for quite some time now and the effect of plastic is sometimes alarming. Long-term use may lead to many health problems.