Freezing rate of coke in a plastic bottle

The freezing rate of coke in a plastic bottle is the question at hand today. How long does it take coke to freeze in a plastic bottle and at what temperature will coke freeze at. These are all important questions when dealing with the freezing rate of coke in a plastic bottle. Because coke contains sugar and carbonation it’s freezing temperature is not the same as water. It is also important to remember that the freezing temperature between coke and diet coke will also be different because of the lack of sugar in the diet coke.

The Temperature of a Freezing Coke Bottle

It takes a temperature lower than 32 degrees Fahrenheit to freeze coke because of the extra sugar and carbonation. In fact, coke will need to be below 28 degrees Fahrenheit to freeze. Due to the carbonation coke may also not freeze solid until the carbonation is released. If you place a plastic bottle of coke in the freezer, it will stay slushy until it is opened and then it can automatically freeze solid after the carbonation is released. Diet coke will freeze above this lower temperature although it still may need to be slightly below 32 degrees Fahrenheit to induce freezing.

The freezing rate of coke in a plastic bottle when placed in a freezer is about 20 minutes although it may need to be removed to allow the carbonization to be released before it becomes solid. This is also the same time for a diet coke in a freezer. To chill a room temperature bottle of coke for the perfect consumption temperature you can place it in ice for ten to twenty minutes. If you add water to the ice, you can speed up this time to under ten minutes and if you add ice water and salt together, you can chill a bottle of coke to the perfect consumption temperature in just about two minutes.

The coca cola company suggests that coke should be served at 36-38 degrees Fahrenheit. It can be served warm or colder but for the optimal taste and best stomach digestion, it is suggested to be served at this temperature.

The Science of Solidifying Soda

The freezing rate of coke in a plastic bottle is like a science. It depends on the sugar in the cola and the carbonation. It can be broken down into a very scientific formula, but the most important thing that you should remember that when you are freezing carbonation items make sure you never freeze cola in a can it will explode the can out and this can cause quiet a mess. If trying to discover the freezing rate of coke in a plastic bottle for yourself and your own freezer than proceed with caution. The contents may not be totally frozen until the bottle is shaken or even opened releasing the carbonation from the liquid. The melting temperature for coke and diet coke is at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. The perfect temperature is only 4 degrees higher than the melting temperature.

To serve the perfectly chilled coke you have a variety of ways to chill it. If you need a coke chilled quickly the best way to do this is to place it in a bucket with ice water and salt. The salt makes the water colder and therefore makes the soda chill more quickly. This also works for beer or other beverages as well. You can quickly chill your beverage in just about two minutes with this formula.