Plastic Water Bottle Recall

There have been instances in the history of plastic bottles, where plastic water bottles have been recalled due to health concerns. Hard polycarbonate plastic water bottles have faced the wrath the most. Amongst others, there were concerns about colored plastic water bottles using lead paint. All such bottles had been recalled and thoroughly examined. There were also hoax reports published about water drunk from plastic bottles causing cancer. It was later proved to be false.

The major concern about plastic water bottles is the fact that when hot water is poured in. It has been proved that a hazardous substance called bisphenol A comes in contact with the water we drink. So, rather then fretting, it is best not to pour hot water in plastic water bottles. There was an instance, when plastic water bottles with “7” mentioned were called back after cases of poisoning. Doctors always advice that, children should not be fed from plastic bottles especially if it is warm milk or warm water as the substance mentioned above is most harmful for children than adults.

Bisphenol is one of the most important building blocks of polymer, which is plastic. Recently, bisphenol was seen to resemble estrogen, which is a hormone in the human body. With extensive use of plastic water bottles, there have been cases of hormonal misbalance in humans. The most common amongst them have been genital problems and mental instability. It is due to this that various Governments and companies have been recalling plastic water bottles in the last few years. The Canadian Government plans to ban plastic water bottles for babies completely but is yet to come out with an alternative.

Colored or dyed plastic water bottles have been noticed to fade as time passes. It has been proven that the coloring agent, generally lead keeps mixing with the water. Over a prolonged period of time it does cause health hazards. Plastic water bottles should not be used over a long period of time. They should be disposed and new bottles should be procured for safety concerns. Disposed bottles are sterilized and recycled to make many different plastic products. Or better still, shift to glass bottles, which is the safest alternative available to store water. Glass bottles can also withstand hot water without causing harmful health concerns.

Plastic water bottle recalls are very common. Plastic is a very unstable component. Though it is handier, cheap and long lasting, it is made of petroleum and chemicals that do cause harm in the human body. It is because of this that companies and Governments find it safer to recall bottles, which show health concerns in small amounts. Plastic can always be recycled, which is the good part of it. It is not only about plastic water bottles though; it is also about cans and tins having plastic coating inside. Safer alternatives are still being searched everywhere, but plastic still seems to be the best option. Till the option is discovered, it is best to be cautious. Disposing and recalling are the two best options to save people from poisoning.