How safe are the PET water bottles

Today if you have a look on the bottles used for beverages in the United States, then the maximum are made of polyethylene terephthalate or in sort PET. The main reason of using PET bottles seems to be the weight that is very low, and can be prevented from breaking. These types’ bottles are used in a wide range to store products starting from water to beer. We do have the habit of using a bottle more than once without knowing the pet water bottle safety. When it comes to pet water bottle safety, then you must know that whatever items are coming related to food or drinking, all are checked by the U.S FDA or Food and drug Administration.

Before introducing the pet bottles in the market, they are bound to be verified by the FDA. To ensure the pet bottle safety and before they gets the permission, they need to go through a hard test whether they are safe or not. When water or soft drinks or any type of drinking item is packaged in a pet bottle, it comes to a contact with the plastic. The poison needs to be too low so that when they come to exposure, human being does face any problem. PET bottles that are used to store water or liquid substances include an element known as DEHA.

This is very harmful for human beings as they carry the germs of fatal disease like cancer. In this discussion it is important to know that the DEHA itself is not a cancer disease, and it is been proved by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency in the year 1991. DEHA happens to be a type of plasticizer and it is not an inbuilt raw material in PET. People often ask that whether pet bottles are only for one-time usages, and that has been announced by the U.S FDA.

Fact is that FDA has not made any regulation for the same instead of that, the pet water bottle safety is meant for social and financial reasons. Another common thing you can hear often is the announcement of not using the bottles that are left in the car. Through an e-mail, it has been known that a woman was suffering breast cancer, and the doctor asked not to drink water from the bottles kept in the car. The reason showed was that when the pet bottles are kept in heat, a reaction takes place that allows the growth of cancer disease.

Another thing you can often hear is the awareness on pet water bottle safety and that is not to keep the pet bottles in frozen temperature. However, there are no such scientific reasons behind the release of toxins when the pet bottles are frozen. Unless they comes closure to too high temperature, dioxins are not released from the pet bottles. Experiments say that there is no chance of being connected with the dioxins when plastic is kept under room temperature or extremely cool place. All you need to do is to check for the numbers mentioned on the bottom to ensure the pet water bottle safety.