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“Your Simple Plastic Bottle Solution”

SNV Plastics have quickly become the leading plastic bottle manufacturers in South Africa. The products and services that we provide to our customers are unparalleled. We offer a personalised service and will design and manufacture the ideal product for you.

Our Products Include:

• PET Preforms – designing, manufacturing, distributing and supplying
• Plastic/ PET Bottles – designing, manufacturing, distributing and supplying
• Plastic Caps – designing, manufacturing, distributing and supplying

Our Services Include:

• Blow Moulding Machine Services
• Injection Moulding Machine Services
• Custom designed and Manufactured Moulds
• Delivery of Products
• Manufacturing of Products

At SNV Plastics,we have the ideal solution for you and your business. All of our products and services are carried out by experienced professionals who are able to provide you with all the advice you may need. We will work to your budget and deliver you the most affordable solution on the market.


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18.9 L Dispenser Bottle



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